Monday, December 7, 2015

Information for the 2016-2017 School Year!

Inman Hybrid School

Inman Hybrid School is a very small homeschool program located in Inman, my tiny unincorporated hometown just south of Fayetteville, GA.  It began in 2011 to meet the needs of my 3rd grade twin boys.  As they move on to upper grades, I am now rebooting the program for my girls!

3rd grade material, with 4th grade modifications
Classes meet each Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:30-2:45.  At-home assignments for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are posted online.  This comprehensive class is a year-long commitment, Sept through May.  Tuition- $3400/year (10 payments of $350).  This includes registration & general supplies.  Textbooks/Workbooks are not included.)

*This class will be working mostly on a 3rd grade academic level, but with methods and activities suited for gifted 2nd grade through early 4th grade.  Wondering if this class is a good fit for your child? Check out this guide! 

Curriculum (may change slightly)
Handwriting without Tears - 3rd Grade Cursive
Grammar - First Language Lessons 3 (will begin sentence diagramming)
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise 3
Spelling/Poetry - Abeka Spelling & Poetry 3 & 4 (both will be taught)
Reading/Literature - Book selections 3rd-4th grade reading level
Math- Parent Controlled / Will have Independent Study Time    
Writing- no strict curriculum
History- Story of the World 
Spanish - no strict curriculum
Science- TBA


Grades 1-3
Thursdays 11:40-2:45
Includes weekly Spanish, science, and history classes, as well as lunch with friends.
This option is also a full year commitment, Sept through May. 
All children must be able to participate in a classroom environment.
Tuition - $1400/year
(or 10 payments of $150)

It is very important for me to create a safe atmosphere that allows for students to be able to concentrate, learn, and have fun. Therefore, all children must be able to participate in a classroom environment.  Frequent behavior issues or unwillingness to participate cannot be tolerated.

If you are interested in the program and would like more information, I will be having an informal meeting to discuss the program and answer questions. 

Tuesday, Feb 9th at 10:00am

Registration begins February 2016.  Space is VERY limited.

**Click here for photos & descriptions of previous years' classes.**

Registration Forms
Additional Sibling


Farm Fusion Homeschool Ag. Classes

Farm Fusion is made up of five four-week workshops each focusing on a different agriculture topic.  Art, writing, reading, math concepts, grammar, etc are integrated with the agriculture lessons.  This enrichment/elective course is a year-long commitment.  ($450/year) The students remain together for each of the workshops, creating an environment to bond, play, celebrate, and learn with friends!  This class also includes holiday parties for students to experience with their peers!

**It is very important for me to create a safe atmosphere that allows for my students be to able to concentrate, learn, and have fun.  Therefore, all children must be able to participate in a classroom environment.  In our farm environment, frequent behavior issues or unwillingness to participate cannot be tolerated.

Farm Fusion classes meet on Wednesdays

9:00-11:30 (Ages 5-7)

12:00-2:30 (Ages 7-11)

  SAM Workshops

(Science, Ag., Math)

There will be 4-5 two-day workshops 
Wednesdays -   11:30-2:00

  $40 per workshop (includes supplies)  


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Friday, May 17, 2013

End of a Fabulous Year!

I am so emotional about the end of this school year. 

As a teacher, and a mommy. 

Before this year began, I was worried that doubling the size of our class would make recreating the positive, loving, accepting atmosphere difficult. Boy, that fear was put to rest. 

This is why prefer not to do "a la carte" classes.  This is why the "Electives Option" is offered in a bundle, instead of as individual classes.  This is not just about Spanish, or art, or agriculture. Its greater intent is to foster this bonding, talking, learning, and the formation of real friendships, and real teacher relationships

I love each and every one of them, and I am so very proud of them all! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Child's Perspective

There are many many options when it comes to homeschooling.  You can find excellent co-ops, a la carte style classes, meet-ups, field trips, and play dates in the park.  We are a place where homeschooled children can experience a relaxed, accepting, and positive classroom environment with a cohesive group of peers throughout the year. 

This is a paper that one of our first graders wrote for her weekly writing assignment.  The topic was, "My Favorite Day of the Week".  It made my heart soar!